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Phone Reader GPS Tracking Solution
 Phone Reader GPS Tracker
Normal Car alarm:
Most of the companies use Remote Controls with fixed encoding chips, such as Chip 2262, 2272 etc. What fixed encoding means? It means the address code which sent from Remote Control are fixed, once the receiver send out the same coding, it will be matched and unlock.
People can decode them with simple normal single chip. The devices will send out continuously codes and when the receiver of Remote Control on the cars (which have been installed this kind of car alarms) get this codes, if they are match with each other, then car doors will be open! ANY cars with same encoding!
Phone Reader working way:
Smart Phone Reader adopts 64bit AES data encoding technology, 2.4G operating frequency, and responding distance up to 30 meters. As its high speed frequency, the codes stay for an ultra short time, combining the complicated encoding method, it is very hard to decode, which will strength the reliability and safety of this reader.
The most important thing is that you don’t need to carry more widgets, just make good use of your smart phone!
Step to use Phone reader tracker:
1. Configure your phone with the tracker; make it recognize your smart phone
2. When leaving the car, the tracking system will ARM automatically.
3. If someone who come to open car door / ignite / moving, you will get alert notification on your phone
4. When you come to the car and your phone is recognized automatically, it will DISARM automatically.
5. The alarms will be uploaded to tracking platform (PC & Mobile)
Phone Reader Tracker compatible with Car Alarm function and Driver ID Identify solution
Car Alarm Solution:
When the recognized phone held by the driver is far away the car, the tracker will ARM, and it will cut off the oil & Power of the car automatically. Then even if the driver forgets to bring key with him, the car will be armed for anti-theft. When the recognized phone is close to the car, the tracker will disarm, and the oil and power of the car will be resumed automatically, then you can drive the car normally.
When the tracker in Arm state, tracker will send alarm message both to your phone and to the server platform under conditions below:
a.       The door is opened illegally
b.      The car is turned on illegally
c.       The car is moved
d.      The car is towed away by someone
e.       The car is outside geo-fence
Driver ID Identify Solution
Each authorized driver takes their recognized phone; when the inductive card is close enough to the car, the tracker will get the phone identity (ID) number, and send this ID No. to the server platform via GPRS, and then the administrator can monitor the driver’s ID and his name from platform. Unauthorized driver without recognized phone couldn’t turn on the vehicle engine.
Time and Attendance System
The system can be a Time and Attendance System because it can record the working time of each authorized driver as the basis for the calculation of wages and other management.
Membership Management
As the system can identify the ID of the driver, the administrator can check any driver driving which car on platform or SMS on phone, and can query history on platform. If the authorized driver gives key of a car to another driver to drive the car, it can be found.


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