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Child GPS Tracking
When a child becomes old enough to attend school parents are left with two feelings. The first is one of pride that that their baby is growing up and about to take the next steps in the evolution of learning. The other feeling is one of fear that they won't be there to protect their child if something happens. The second feeling is becoming more and more common as stories of bullying and school shootings tend to dominate national news headlines. There is no question that kids today face more unique and dangerous challenges than those their parents faced when attending school, but the one thing everyone can agree on is that steps must be made to make certain student safety is top priority. With child safety a major concern, parents are now taking personal safety of their kids into their own hands with GPS tracking systems that offer real-time location updates.

Real-Time GPS Trackers Keep Kids Monitored
Tracking applications have continued to expand with the decrease in cost of the technology and increase in operation simplicity of the devices. This is something that has put a smile on the face of parents everywhere because it has opened up the doors to more applications related to personal safety such as GPS monitoring of children. How GPS child tracking works is a simple three (3) step process:
1. Child keeps portable tracker system in their pocket or backpack.
2. GPS monitoring system transmits real-time locations of where that child is at periodically throughout the day.
3. Parents can go online using their cell phones, computers or tablets to see where their child is at throughout the day.
Real-time trackers also come engineered with a number of alerting features designed specifically to notify parents the moment their child walks off school campus grounds. One feature in particular known as geo-fencing provides parents the ability to create safe zones. When the child leaves these safe zones an alert is immediately transmitted out to the parents via text message and email notifying them that their child has left that safe zone perimeter. This feature is ideal for keeping parents informed about when their child arrives/leaves school and arrives/leaves home.
Personal surveillance solutions are giving parents the ability to safeguard the things most important to them: their loved ones. This is why in the next decade it will only be more common and prevalent to see GPS monitoring systems in the schoolyard as a tool to boost child safety. 
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