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Vehicle tracking and Person Tracking FAQ
 What is Vehicle/person tracking solution?

It would need to install a GPS tracking device on the vehicle/Motorcycle / person / Pet and through a username and password from the GPS tracking software, then you can view your device real time tracking as well as all history record and events that generated it.

How long is the tracking history and events online?

With the basic service it can support to keep record for one year. There is also the possibility to export the paths and events to your PC, the tracking software can support to export this data via PDF, WORD, and EXCEL format.

Can I stop to vehicle/Car remote?

Yes, you can stop the car whenever you want with our GPS tracking devices. Some tracking device would need extra relay; some devices have the relay build-in. After you set the command to cut off vehicle power outage, the car can’t start until you do recover the vehicle.

What if there is no cellular GSM coverage in some area?

The device will store the GPRS event in its internal memory. When the devices get the GSM signal again, it will transmit positioning information and events to tracking software.
In this way you will not miss the historical information on the activity of your vehicle. 

At what tracking system then I can track my vehicle tracking / staff?

After you purchase devices from our company, our company will offer you the administrators account, then you can create other user name and password, also can add devices to this tracking software by yourself.

What is a Geo-fence?

A Geo-fence is a specific area on the map which allows you to generate an alert or egress income. This serves for instance to see if your vehicle leaves the area where they work or to find out at what time reach a given destination.

Do you do custom development?

Yes, we can tailor our system to your particular need.
 Our company's main activity is the development of satellite tracking technologies, which, any development that you need will be evaluated by our analysts for and then carry out the development in accordance with their requirements. 

How does the device?

The positioning is done through the network of GPS (Global Positioning System) device processes the information and sends through the GPRS network.
 This enables high precision positioning error only 5-10 meters and the reporting of this information in real time. 

How often report the position and events for the vehicle/person?

Base on the setting command you set, you can set any interval tracking time for the devices, then devices will process this data and transmit the position information and events to tracking software under your instruction.

Is the information really working in real time?

Yes, the information is instantly positioning.
 What your vehicle is reported that at that moment is happening. You can track this position and event from the tracking system in real-time.

Can I use to track the asset?

Yes, you can track any object type in where you can take the GPS tracker. We have the portable tracking devices, with its long battery life time performance; you can put it in some hidden place and protect your asset. 

What is the accuracy of the positioning?

GPS tracking devices have an error of 5 meters to 10 meters.
 Whereupon the positioning of their vehicles you see on the map is accurate for practical purposes. 

Can I visualize an entire fleet in the system?

Yes, you can view its entire fleet at once or select a particular vehicle for more detail of its positioning.


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