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Mini GPS Tracker | Small GPS Tracking
Personal security
With its small size, this GPS Tracker can be easy hidden in people’s pocket, school bag or other small box. It looks like U disk, other people hard to know it was a tracker. People can track its location information by Cell phone with Google map link function, also can monitoring what happen around the protection target. It can be used for kids, elder, business man or lover etc.
Asset tracking
In order to protect their asset when take it out room, this mini gps tracker can be put in some hidden place together with asset. When lost, the people can easy find its location by tracker and get asset back. The Bank, Transportation or other Security company can use it to protect their business.
Car locating
With built-in GPS/GSM antenna, this mini locator can be easy to put in the car and track their car. People can connect a car charger together with this unit, then it can work last long time even when unit consume its backup power. This tracking device is ideal for the people who own their car and want to protect their children who drive his car out. 
Pet protection
Because this mini unit is very light and small size, so it can be used for pet. People can put it together with pet collar, when the pet go away, just send a massage or make a missed call, then you can know its detailed position. People also can set Geo-fence for this unit, when the pet go out/in its fence, the unit will send alarm to authorized cell phone number.
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